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Sun-Bird meets Moray by PeteDRaptor
Sun-Bird meets Moray
It's Sun-Bird the flaming dragon who gets to meet a Sea Dragon name Moray, because Jenny( from Oliver & Company) named her dragon after a fish or sea creature....which was called Moray Eel. Moray is a male Sea Dragon, he's always shy, kind, brave, funny, smart & sometimes protective and he's been living in the underwater sea of Caribbean for like Twenty-Three years that was almost the same thing as Sun-Bird.

Sun-Bird is Margo's pet dragon and a Sea Dragon name Moray is gonna be Jenny's pet dragon, so....that's why I draw those two that are both based on a Mega Bloks Sets including Dragons: Fire&Ice, Metal Ages and Krystal Wars....or is it Plasma Dragons? So yeah, this could a very good if those two dragons would be in the movie with Mummies and Dragons, imagine that.
Strange Discoveries by PeteDRaptor
Strange Discoveries
It's another drawing of these Cartoon Network characters who has found the lost Tomb Of Draco-Ra. First they uncovered two sarcophagus of the Pharaoh and his queen who look like Hiro and Margo( you know Margiro) and second they've discovered that the treasure chest was hidden inside the sacred statue of Sobek. Now that they've discover everything they're gonna try to figure out how to get these artifacts safely back home for research, but they're all really confused including Chloe, Mac, Penny, Velma and Double-D because they believe that there's something very strange and monstrous inside of this tomb because Velma, Penny and Double-D has read the inscription in hieroglyphics of something very unknown and very strange and very very fishy that their friends like Eddy, Shaggy, Scooby and the other did not understand because they thought the chest was supposed to have treasures full of gold inside of it, but they discovered that there is a curse upon this chest for those who tries to open it, for in the name of the Crocodile God Sobek.

That's why they're all really confused well even though Chloe was trying to figure out who's Granny's Peach Tea belongs to besides Lex Luthor.

So if you guys like it please remember to leave a good comment below thank you.
Margo's Dragon by PeteDRaptor
Margo's Dragon
Alright, I've made a new artwork of my character from Despicable Me and her dragon, Margo named her dragon Sun-Bird because this dragon is a female, she breathes fire, she can fly high to the sky, she talks and lives inside of a Hawaiian Volcano for like....twenty-seven years. And so Margo and Sun-Bird are on their quest to find the lost treasures while they fly, fight and search their way out of trouble from Hawaii, Alaska, Japan, Germany, England and Egypt in order to find the lost world in Ultimate battle of good vs evil.

And that's all I did, oh and the reason why I made her dragon because it was base on a Mega Bloks set call Fire&Ice Dragons: Firestorm Fortress, and there's a pride rock from Disney's The Lion King. 

So you like it just remember to leave comments below. Thank you.
This is a new drawing of the fan made poster and it's called "Despicable Big Hero", it's going to be a very good crossover and you're going to love it, so this fan made picture shows Hiro( from Big Hero 6), Margo( from Despicable Me), Elliot( from Pete's Dragon), Vermithrax( that's Margo's dragon form), Medusa( dragon from Dragonheart toys), Griffin( from Dragonheart: A new beginning) and Mummies AND here's a good one it says "IT'S GONNA BE A LIKE A DOOMSDAY!!" so yeah if y'all really love this artwork just remember to leave a comment below thank you.
Margiro and friends: Mummies by PeteDRaptor
Margiro and friends: Mummies
Here is a drawing of Hiro and Margo and their new friends as mummies. And yes it's another Egyptian AU and a word AU means Alternate Universe, so anyway the story begins with Hiro and Margo fell in love while Hiccup and Merida are trying to tame other dragons, but they all got captured and taken to the underground tomb along with their friends name Ed, Jenny and Oliver where they're all cursed and mummified, and right now they're came back to life and finally became friends again. OK, so this is why Hiro and Margo and their new friends are all mummies and they're wrapped up in bandages because of that mummification or anybody they know who thinks they're wearing costumes, and so here we have...

Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6 as a Prince

Margo Gru from Despicable Me as a magical princess( she can use magic and other spells)

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III from How To Train Your Dragon as a new Pharaoh( because he's not Jack's slave anymore)

Merida Dunbroch from Brave as Hiccup's Queen

Jenny Foxworth and Oliver from Oliver & Company as Margo's friend( there's Jenny's kitty tail)

Ed from Ed, Edd N Eddy( or more like King Tuckyershirtin from that episode that I....can't remember what it was...or is it King Two-Tons-Of-Candy from Kids Next Door?)

So if you guys like it and tell me how they look, please like it and remember to leave a comment below.


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